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Pond Air pumps, Airstones and Aeration

Pond Air pumps are one of the best ways of adding aeration to garden ponds. We stock a great selection of pond air pumps suitable for small gold fish pond aeration up to air pumps for large koi ponds.

Pond air pumps- Koi pond air pumps Gold fish ponds air pumps

Pond Air pumps add essential oxygen into the pond. For smaller garden ponds the Blagdon Pond Air 1 and 2 air pumps are a great value buy and come complete with airline and air stones. For larger ponds, we have the ultimate in air pumps we carry the high quality and ultra reliable Evolution Aqua pond air pumps. The evolution Aqua air pumps are available in a range of sizes suitable for even the largest Koi ponds. With all pond air pumps it is important not to restrict the air flow. Please clean all air stones regularly and change them as soon as the air flow starts to slow. With powerful air pumps such as the larger Evolution Aqua models it is important to use large free flow air stones and large bore pipe not just 6mm air line. Restriction of the air flow will lead to damage to the pump.

As an alternative to air pumps we also stock the Air master venturis that add a large amount of oxygen to the pond when used with a large water pump. For more information on the importance of good aeration in your pond and general pond keeping tips please read the article Oxygen why is it important in the garden pond in our Koi and Pond section. Above you will find a selection of our pond supplies, including pond air pumps and pond venturis. If you cannot see the pond air pumps you require or you would like help making a selection then please email Pets Parade.

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