Tetra Medifin (500 ml)

Tetra Medifin (500 ml)
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Tetra Medifin (500 ml) Product Description:

MediFin can be used to treat diseases such as whitespot, skin parasites, gill flukes, bacterial skin infections, fin rot, fungus, and to prevent secondary infections of wounds and lesions. Unlike many treatments, MediFin is safe to use with all pond fish, including sterlets and orfe. How it Works MediFin contains active ingredients which are effective against a wide range of common fish diseases. This removes the uncertainty surrounding accurate diagnosis, which can in many cases be impossible. How to Use Add 50ml of MediFin to every 1150 litres (250 gallons) of pond water. Disease recovery can be advanced by using WaterSafe in conjunction with MediFin. Treatment may be repeated after 7 to 10 days, if recovery is not complete. MediFin can also be used as a preventative remedy, during sensitive times of the year such as the spring and autumn. Do not use MediFin in conjunction with other pond treatments, except those in the TetraPond range. Always read the instructions carefully before use.

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