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Pond Ultraviolet Lights, Koi & Pond

Pond Ultraviolet Lights are the best way to get clear water in a garden ponds for Koi and Gold fish. Pond Ultraviolet Lights will kill the green algae that normally grows in any untreated Goldfish or Koi pond and spoils the look of the water. Pond Ultra violet Lights need to be run throughout the summer months to guarantee clear water in the fish pond and enable you to enjoy the beauty of your pond fish.


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Pond Ultraviolet Lights for Koi and Gold fish Ponds

Pond Ultraviolet Lights (or Ultraviolet Clarifiers) are extremely effective at killing green algae and keeping clear water in a garden pond. We offer a range of pond Ultraviolet lights suitable for a wide variety of pond sizes. From the small Hozelock Vorton UV up to the largest TMC Pro Clear 55W and 110W units.

Ultraviolet lights are equally useful on small Goldfish ponds to the largest Koi ponds. Please read the individual instructions to select the correct size UV for your pond. When choosing an Ultraviolet light please take account of the fact that manufacturers rate their units with the maximum size pond they will clear in perfect conditions. In most situations to get a realistic figure for the volume that will be effectively treated it is best to subtract around 20% from the maximum quoted pond size. For example a pond Ultraviolet light that is recommended for up to a thousand gallons will probably only be suitable for an eight hundred gallon garden pond in most real world situations.

For further information on our pond care and equipment please take a look at the articles in our Koi and Pond section. Click here for tips on choosing pond ultra violet lights

Above you will find a selection of our Pond Ultraviolet lights. If you can't see the UV clarifiers you require or you would like help making a selection then please email Pets Parade. We also stock a comprehensive range of pond pumps and pond filters for Koi and Gold Fish ponds.

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