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Reptile Heating for Pet Reptiles

Reptile Heating is essential in keeping healthy pet reptiles. Reptile heating can be by heat bulb, heat mat, ceramic heaters or by a combination of different heating methods. Pets Parade stock a wide range of reptile heating equipment to care for most species of pet reptiles. We recommend that you control your reptile heating equipment by use of a suitable thermostat to give full control and ensure the safety of your pet reptiles.

Reptile heating products,heat bulbs, spot lamps as well as a great selection of other reptile heating equipment.

Reptile Heating is a vital life support system, heating for pet reptiles and amphibians and the correct choice of heat bulbs, heat mats or ceramic heaters for the vivarium or terrarium is very important. Reptiles and amphibians rely on environmental temperature to maintain the correct body temperature. There are many different types of reptile heating that can be used in vivariums and reptile cages: heat mats, heat bulbs and ceramic bulbs are all commonly used. The exact choice of reptile heating equipment will depend on the species of reptile being kept.

With such a wide variety of snakes, Geckos and other lizards being kept as pets, no one type of heating equipment will suit all situations. With the possible exception of Heat mats, all these types of reptile heating should be controlled with a good quality thermostat. This ensures complete control of the temperature in the vivarium for your reptile or amphibian.
We supply top quality thermostats from Microclimate and Habistat

It is very important that heating is only installed at one end of the vivarium. This allows a cool area to develop away from the hot spot.

Please read the information in the product descriptions to help you select the correct heating for your vivarium or terrarium. Different species of lizards, snakes, spiders and amphibians require different types of heating. Some species need high intensity spot lamps and others just need background heat from low wattage heat mats. For most species of Tarantulas heat mats are ideal.

For further information on heating for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates please take a look at the articles in our reptile section. Above you will find a selection of our reptile heating supplies: heat bulbs, ceramic heaters, basking lamps and heat mats If you cannot see the product you require or you would like help making a selection then please email Pets Parade.

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